• veg'e office offers you the best CP value solar components from Asia

  • We have the state-of-the-art LiFePO4 Battery and storage system from China

  • veg'e office is the best gate to LED manufacturers in China

  • We only recommend completely vegan factories for the most delicious vegan food

About Us

The commitments to the environment protection

The meaning of "veg'e" is Vegan + Energy. Veg'e office is dedicated to promoting vegan diet/vegan power for our body and green energy for our daily life.

While global warming is becoming a serious issue, veg'e office was established in 2010 to be a faithful partner for the companies among Europe, China and Taiwan in the fields of green energy  to build co-operations and protect the environment at the same time.

veg'e office started its business in solar energy and has assisted many European solar system companies (EPC) to purchase high quality photovoltaic (PV) modules from China. 

In addition to solar energy, we provide further services in LED lights and other green production machines, etc. to reduce the energy consumptions.

As understanding a vegan diet is very helpful to protect the environment*, the team of veg'e office is in line with a vegan diet. Nowadays vegan diet is the trend and many people have obtained the benefit from it, including the former President of USA, Mr. Clinton.

veg'e office is determined to support the trend by offering opportunities for professionals, producers, investors, entrepreneurs and consumers to come together to share green energy and vegan information. Please join us! 

**World Watch magazine

*World Preservation Foundation

Solar Components

To support your worldwide solar projects, we offer you the most CP value solar components from China, Taiwan and  so on. For EU markets, our modules are duty-paid, so you do not have to worry about the anti-dumping issue...


LED Products

There are thousands of LED manufacturers in China. You may like to know which one can provide you with better products and better prices. You definitely can get a satisfying answer from veg'e office...


Vegan Products

Vegan is the trend in the world. As vegetarian/vegan is the traditional life style in Taiwan, Taiwan has the core technologies in manufacturing vegan food. veg'e office acts as an efficient bridging between the EU and Taiwan in vegan products...